Dr Masud Iqbal
Dr A A Chowdhury
Dr S K Banerjee
Dr Sarwar Iqbal
Dr M N Islam
Asgor Ali Hosp
Dr Shahidul Islam
Dr R M Hossain
Dr SR Chowdhury
Dr M S Hassan
Asgor Ali Hosp
Dr M Z Hassan
Overseas Members
Dr Luigi Gnudi
Dr David Wheeler
Dr Murielle Bochud
IUMSP, Lausanne
Dr AN Malik
Dr MZA Bhuiyan
LGE, Lausanne

Kidney Disease Research Group (KDRG) Activity Profile

KDRG (2008- ): Group formed by specialists from NIKDU, BSMMU, SSMC, DMCH and BIRDEM. Presently its office is rented and located at West Rampura, Dhaka KDRG works started from 2008 initially conducting screening programs in population for reno-cardiac risk markers. From 2008-2018 nearly 15 small screening programs undertaken in rural and urban areas
KCRC (2017- ): Kidney Care Research Collaboration is research project implementing body of KDRG under which all research plans will be initiated and monitored.
KCRC-G (2017- ): Kidney Care Research Center – Goaldi is a project of KDRG monitored by KCRC for rural population survey with protocol-based intervention in Sonargaon. This is established in collaboration with Bahaul Hoq Sonargaon Foundation (BHSF). Currently INCEPTA pharma is supporting this
KCRC-HF (2018- ): Kidney Care Research Center – Heart Foundation is a project of KDRG under KCRC for urban population survey with protocol-based intervention in Mirpur area. This collaboration is under processing with possible funding from ACI
Kidney & General Hospital (2017-): A kidney and allied disease treatment hospital with OPD service in Sonargaon is established as part of KCRC-G with basic laboratory facilities
KDRG Nutrition (2017- ) A group of dietitian and nutritionist are engaged in calorie calculation, diet plan of traditional diet and nutritional evaluation
KARLS (2018- ): Kidneycare Advanced Research Laboratory Services is a joint initiative with ABC Corporation established and functioning at. Topkhana Rd, Purana Paltan. This lab will perform KCRC projects tests and for other researchers.
BIMS (2019- ) Bio Medical Studies is a work group for training and support in research
Foundation (2018- ) : Paper works going on to establish kidney and allied disease research foundation under KDRG
Certificate Courses (2018- ): Different short courses by KDRG Learning Project on diabetes, nephropathy, and cardiology with training courses for nurses and technician is planned. Primary agreement with Bangladesh Open University (BOU) for certification is obtained.
Hospital Establishing: A specialized hospital with indoor and outdoor facilities is needed for organizing all activities of KDRG. Preliminary discussions to lease a hospital in Dhanmondi area and co-share with a group of physicians are going on.